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Tips for studying during the good weather.

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Tips for studying during the good weather

When the sun is beaming and all you want is to top up your tan, opening a textbook might seem like the last thing you should be doing. But at Yooni, we believe studying is an essential part of achieving your dream college course. So how can you use the good weather to your study advantage? What can you do to enjoy being outside…and still get all your work done? Here are 5 study tips to keep in mind during the good weather.

1. Always stick to your study plan

Consistency is key to study. So even on the sunniest of days, having a timetable to follow of what you should be studying and when will increase the likelihood of you staying on track. This means starting and finishing your study at the same time every day. Study for blocks of 40 minutes with short breaks in-between. Cover all your subjects evenly. A good idea is to start each study day with subjects you find more difficult – leave the ones you enjoy the most till the end.

Have a mix of revision with exam prep and exam techniques. With a plan in place, it doesn't matter how sunny the weather is - you will be safe in the knowledge that you're covering your course content and being productive. If you don’t have a plan made, now is the perfect time to start one.

2. Mix and match studying outside

You can strike a balance between spending time outside and covering your revision by changing slightly how you study. For example, a good study idea to start off would be to record yourself reading through notes or bullet points you make during a topic. The next time you are studying that subject, you can instead listen back to your recording while outside for a walk. You're enjoying the outdoors, but most importantly, still working through your revision.

Don’t worry, everyone hates the sound of their own voice at the start – it gets easier (and less weird) the more of it you do. If you have lots of reading or highlighting to do, find a shaded spot and do this outside rather than inside. Sometimes these small changes in scenery can help you keep you working for longer. Try little ways to mix and match being outside with how you would normally study indoors.

3. A checklist before studying outside

It’s always a good idea to study in the same place at the same time every day - it helps build a routine. If you’re planning to study outside regularly, the first thing you should do is find a study spot which is quiet and is free of distractions. Also, make sure that you’re in a shaded area and that you keep hydrated during the day. Make sure you have everything you need within arm’s reach before you begin each time.

This includes any textbooks, copies, pens, highlighters, and paper you might need. Nothing is more distracting than going on a treasure hunt back inside for your stuff. If you’re using a laptop outside, remember to charge it beforehand and stay within your WiFi if you need to access the Internet. If being outside begins to distract you from revising, you’re not using your time effectively. Move back indoors immediately. Revisit point 2 on small ways to study outside, only when and if it helps.

4. Disconnect from FOMO

One thing that always helps during any kind of study is disconnecting from technology to avoid FOMO – that fear of missing out. Phones can be very distracting at the best of times. But especially when studying. So when the weather is great, it can be that bit harder to sit down and open a book when friends and family are constantly reminding just how great a time they are having. Don’t leave your phone on silent – turn it off completely.

Focus on finishing to the end of your study plan. The messages can wait. Avoid listening to music from your phone or computer when studying – it’s an added distraction and we tend to listen to music much louder when we’re working outside.

5. Outside breaks

Giving yourself a break is very important when studying – and something many of us forget about. Taking a rest helps improve your mood, your memory and gives you some well-deserved downtime when working between subjects. Switch your breaks to things you can do outside, things that link the great outdoors with having fun. Not only that, but exercise is a very important thing to maintain when studying, so mixing the two is a great idea.

Instead of spending time on your phone, go on a short walk with the dog. Rather than eating lunch in front of the TV, have your grub outside and relax. Remember to use your break time to enjoy yourself, guilt-free and recharge. Do not mix these activities with revision.

Spending your downtime outside will not only help break up your study day, but the fresh air will help keep you focused for any study you might be doing in the evening time.

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