Welcome to the Yooni 2020/2021 Annual Report!

Trend 7

In relation to the Career Sector of Psychology and Social Care, the most common subjects chosen to get Psychology and Social Care Recommendation are:
  1. Biology
  2. French
  3. Home Economics
  4. Chemistry

Trend 6

French was studied by 45% of the total students. The average grade was a H2 and the most Recommended Career is Education and Training.

Trend 5

In relation to the Career Sector of Education and Teaching:

Most Common Subjects chosen to get Education and Teaching Recommendation are:

  1. Biology
  2. French
  3. Home Economics
  4. Geography

Trend 4

In relation to the Career Sector of Leisure, Sports and Fitness, the most common subjects chosen to get Leisure, Sports and Fitness Recommendation are:
  1. Biology
  2. French
  3. Geography
  4. Business

Trend 3

In relation to the Career Sector Medical and Healthcare the most common subjects chosen to get Medical and Healthcare Recommendation are:
  1. Biology
  2. Chemistry
  3. French
  4. Home Economics

Trend 2

Biology was studied by 65% of the total students. The average grade was a H2 and the most Recommended Career is Medical and Health Care.


The Yooni team, like everyone else, started working remotely and we haven’t looked back since!



(and growing) - The number of courses we currently have on the Yooni Platform



The number of months the Yooni Platform has been live when these stats were extracted

A cohort of saints!
Mother Teresa was the most common celebrity matched to each student’s personality type.



Overall number of pages viewed by students



The amount our social following has grown to in 2021



Yooni’s average Google rating voted by you, the people.

Go raibh míle!


We launched the ‘Ask Yooni’ service where students could ask Irene any guidance related question they wanted.... FOR FREE.

Thank you Irene



The top Level 6/7 courses located on the CAO form are;
  • WD188 - Applied Healthcare, WIT
  • WD018 - Applied Social Care, WIT
  • CR007 - Analytical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, CIT


Here are some of the most popular subjects undertaken by students and the average grade that was predicted!

English - H3
Mathematics - H3
Irish - H3
French - H3
Biology - H1
Chemistry - H2
Business - H2
Home Economics - H2
Geography - H2
History - H2



The top Level 8 courses located on student’s CAO form are;
  1. DN150 - Engineering, UCD
  2. CR500 - Engineering, CIT
  3. MI005 - Bachelor of Education, MI


Our software wizard, Shrenik, celebrates one year at Yooni


The most common course types visited by students:

  1. Engineering
  2. Law
  3. Business

We predict an entrepreneur boom with this cohort of students.


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Jack joined us

Jack joined Yooni as our Podcast Host.

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Niamh joined us

Niamh joined Yooni and is now our Business Development manager.

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Irene joined us

Irene joined Yooni and is now our Resident Guidance Counsellor.

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Shrenik joined us

Shrenik joined the Yooni family and is now our Lead Software Engineer.

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Medical and Healthcare - The most searched career sector on the platform.

Some people are watching a little bit too much Grey’s Anatomy!


October 2nd, the date we unleashed Yooni’s Assessment Technology to the world

DCU (Dublin City University) were the most searched college on the platform.



The number of people who are now part of the Yooni family. Four of which joined in the past 12 months


Yooni was nominated for Digital Innovation of the Year by Cork IT in 2020.

Spoiler alert... we came third!


This year we started our very own podcast!! We are currently on episode


and have thousands of downloads. Joe Rogan here we come!


The Average points predicted by the Yooni population was


A bunch of high achievers!


The most common individual personality traits of the Yooni population are:
  1. Helper
  2. Enterprising
  3. Organiser


A group of teachers amongst us! The most common career sectors amongst the population were;
  1. Education & Teaching
  2. Psychology & Social Care
  3. Leisure, Sport & Fitness
  4. Medical & Healthcare
  5. Business Management & Human Resources

Trend 1

The following Career Sectors recommended were most closely associcated to high performance in the following subjects:

Career Sector: Subject
Medical and Healthcare: Biology
Education and Teaching: French
Business Management and HR: Business
Education and Teaching: Geography

The students have spoken. The top 5 favourite colleges on the platform were;
  1. UCC
  2. UCD
  3. UL
  4. TCD
  5. DCU


Students received a total of 771,099 course recommendations through the Yooni Fit Assessment.
Next stop, 1 MILLION


Since October we have seen students from


schools use the platform. That’s 99.8% of Irish Secondary Schools.

You have kept us very busy!



Yooni-que users (see what we did there) visited us throughout the academic year

Welcome to the Yooni

Annual Report 2021

Welcome to the Yooni 2020/2021 Annual Report.

It has been a crazy year to say the least, but that didn’t stop thousands of students visiting Yooni and using our Career Guidance Technology.

Whether you are a student, parent, Guidance Counsellor, College or Company, we have a bunch of insights that you might find interesting. Let’s begin!