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What will college be like now with remote learning? And what can I do about it?

With social distancing and online learning the new normal, you might wonder what college will be like now - what will change? What might stay the same? Yooni Carpool College Courses

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What will college be like now with remote learning?

With social distancing and online learning the new normal, you might wonder what college will be like now - what will change? What might stay the same?

The first thing to remember is: How you learn might now be different, but your goal is still the same – achieve your best and accept your place on that dream college course.

At Yooni, we believe it is so important for you to remain calm and focus on doing your best. We are with you every step of the way in this new journey.

To help, we’ve listed some of the changes you can expect at college this year, along with some opportunities to make the most of the experience.

1. New timetable, new routine – same goal

With online learning, your timetable might look a little different than other years. The first change you’ll notice is you might spend less time physically at college, at least at the start.

Instead of going to a room on site for a lecture, it might now be live-streamed. Instead of meeting your class in person for a seminar, you might log on to Zoom to talk.

These are big changes – but it’s important colleges across the whole world are making these same decisions, all to ensure students are all kept safe while learning.

The way you learn might feel strange and different, but what you are learning and the qualifications you get at the end are the same.

Lots of college students might be able to save money on travel and rent, by being able to work from home. Long, tired journeys on the bus or train going to and from college might be a distant memory!

2. Remote learning – is it better or worse?

Remote/online learning is when teachers and students are not physically present in the traditional classroom setting. Some courses might seem impossible to teach online – especially if you need to work in a laboratory or studio.

Remember that lecturers and staff at your college are working hard to deliver the best learning experience for you. It’s their job!

Some modules or coursework might be postponed or swapped around until social distancing is relaxed. Course coordinators will let you know of these changes in plenty of time. Important modules like work placements and internships will operate in the future when it is safe for you to do so.

Over the last year, lecturers will have developed a huge number of new skills in technology. They will have learned modern, interesting and interactive ways to teach you. You too will learn an endless list of techie skills – from creating things online, live-streaming etc. Great to add to your CV.

3. Getting Technical

Technology will no doubt play a major role in your college experience. It is something you should get comfortable with in the weeks ahead.

Not a techie? Do not worry! Everyone starts from somewhere. Remember if you are having any trouble whatsoever with remote learning in the coming year, contact your lecturer/s. They are there to help and will understand it takes time to get used to all of this.

One of the first things we recommend you do, is ask yourself: • Does my laptop/computer have a webcam? Can I turn it on/off?

• Can I mute my microphone?

• How do I share my screen online?

• Can I use Email? Install software if I need to? Update apps?

• Can I connect/disconnect from the Internet/Bluetooth?

• Can I use remote learning software like Zoom or Microsoft Teams?

Many colleges and schools are using Microsoft Teams to teach their students. The tutorial from Microsoft below is a great explainer of how it all works:

4. What to buy? What not to buy

If you are buying a new laptop or computer, remember:

Student discounts – Look out for ‘Back to School’ discounts and sales in the next few weeks. Many shops give huge discounts to students starting college on everything from laptops themselves, to accessories, software and antivirus.

What do you need to buy? - Some colleges supply students with equipment for assignments and course work, or run a rental scheme. Other colleges offer you software (e.g. Microsoft Office) for free.

Again, each college might be different, especially now with social distancing in place. Check your college website and contact a course representative to see what you need to buy and more importantly, what you don’t.

The same can be said for books on your course. A lot of college libraries have textbooks online, and many colleges are developing their catalogues to prepare for remote learning. Check your book list as many books will be available to read online.

Modern spec machine – Laptops and computers come in all shapes, sizes and prices. Remember to buy a machine that is up to the job of doing your coursework. Do you need a powerhouse to help with video editing? Do you need a graphics card to help with design? Or just a simple machine to type up notes on?

Check and see if your new machine has a webcam, built-in microphone or if you need to buy these accessories separately.

Test the speed (and cost!) of your Internet –Especially if you plan on using your mobile phone for college, remember to check the speeds of your Internet, and what package you are currently on.

You will need a reliable connection to work remotely. The last thing you need is your monthly usage to give up when you need it most!

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