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5 Ways to make the most of College Open Days.

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Yooni Carpool College Courses
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5 Ways to make the most of College Open Days

Open Days are a great way of learning more about college life. You’ll learn everything from courses you are interested in studying, to the social life, travel and work opportunities. Yooni believes that opens days are key to helping students choose their dream courses for a number of reasons, and each reason gives you a flavour of what the college experience is all about!

1. Open Day: meeting the experts

At a college open day, you will get a chance to meet with lots of students and lecturers from the courses you are interested in. Their job is to impress you by telling you all about the course. And they love to answer questions. You might know a lot about the course already, but students are there to give you first-hand experience of what it’s really like to study the course. Here are a few questions to keep handy:

· What kind of jobs have recent graduates of the course got?
· How many lectures will I have each week?
· How many students will be on my course? And how many in my class?
· How is the course marked? Are there exams? Assignments, and work placements?

Remember to check our Carpool College Courses on YouTube for more questions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCGfYaP3IOI

2. Fun and facilities: what exactly is there to do here?

As you probably guessed, having fun is a huge part of college life, and open showcase what clubs, societies and facilities the college is proud of. Don’t be afraid to ask what there is to do with your time (apart from studying of course!) And facilities are just as important. How else can you check your Facebook without fast Internet? Or stock up on energy drinks during the week? Ask questions like:

· What kind of sports clubs are there? What are the facilities like?
· Is there a gym? How much is membership?
· What kinds of clubs and societies would you recommend signing up for?
· Is there a shop or canteen on campus? Have they student discounts?
· Where is there wireless Internet? And how can I connect?
· Is there more than one library? A bookshop?

3. Work placement or internships

Work placements and internships are becoming part of many courses, and for good reason! Not only do you get great experience, but you’ll also make great connections that will last long after college. If your course does have placements, remember to ask:

· Are placements organised for you? And in what year? · How and when can you apply? · What kinds of places or companies will you be working at? · How best can you prepare for them?

4. Travel bug – but you only just got here?

A semester abroad is a great opportunity for many students eager to spread their wings. From learning new cultures and languages, extra qualifications, to the all-important travel adventures. Even if you’re slightly interested, because you might want to travel abroad after your first year, remember to ask: · Is studying abroad possible with my course?
· What countries and universities can I pick from?
· In what year/s of your course can you study abroad?
· Are there any special requirements? (Languages?)
· How long can I go for? (A whole year, or one semester?)
· Will I get any extra qualifications?

5. Accommodation 101 – Where am I going to live?

You love the college. The course is brilliant. The people are sound. So, where are you going to live, eh?
Yooni | Ireland’s first Artificial Intelligence College Course Recommendation Software… launching March 2020
College Campus:

Usually first year students get priority when applying to live on the college campus accommodation. At open days, check to see if there are tours of the accommodation, and remember to ask:

· How and when to apply for campus accommodation.
· Can you apply in the second semester?
· If you don’t get campus first round, can you apply in the second semester?
· Is there a waiting list?


If you missed out on college campus or want to live with friends from home, you can look at accommodation beside college. Open days are a great chance to ask the students there:

· Where they live?
· Are there are suitable areas nearby they can recommend?
· What kind of rents you can expect to pay?

If you’re stuck for finding roommates, ask if there’s a way in college of finding someone to share with.


If you’re commuting to college, ask about applying for the Student Leap Card, which is a discount card that will help you save on lots of different travels including Bus Éireann, Dublin Bus and the Dart. Stewards usually come early in the college year for people to register. Keep up-to-date with more tips on college life from Yooni. Following us on Facebook, on Instagram, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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