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How to use your free-time wisely to prepare for college.

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How to use your free-time wisely to prepare for college

Whether you’ve just finished your exams or you’re on school holidays, or you’re thinking of taking a gap year, free-time is a great opportunity to help you prepare for your dream college course. And while it’s important to rest, relax and recharge the batteries during this time, at Yooni we believe the below tips can help you add value and skills without causing stress.

Part-time job / internship

A part-time job is a great way of adding brand new skills to your CV and helping earn money towards those all-important college years. Try and find a job that has flexible hours so your study won’t be interrupted if you decide to keep it on. It always helps to have relevant experience, so try and aim for working in a place that adds value.

For example, want to study early childhood education? Apply to work in a summer camp or where you can get experience working with children. Interested in business? Apply to jobs where you’re responsible for money and stock. Internships, on the other hand, are designed to train a student with new skills and give first-hand work experience in their future profession.

And while internships are often organised by your college courses, sometimes there are offers during the holidays for short-term work-placements.


Volunteering can be a great opportunity to give something back to the local community and use your spare time for great causes. Volunteering also gives you a chance to develop and build on skills, experience and add to your CV, showcasing that you can make a big impact.

Not only that, but colleges and employers love to see students who are engaged with local communities and who have an active voice on issues.

Get your social in check

With your time off, it’s now time get your social media in check. Especially in today’s world, where everyone’s life is one Google search away. If you do use social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, review your privacy settings regularly to ensure that what you want kept private during the holidays, stays private!

The goal is to make sure the world (and your lecturers) see your best self if and when they search for you online. A good rule of thumb to use is: only post what online what you don’t mind your Granny reading.

Creating a LinkedIn

Speaking of social media, one platform you should now sign up for is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional social media where people build connections, share ideas and most importantly, share jobs, internships and opportunities.

Follow or connect with people and companies in industries that you are interested in. Regularly update your profile with your accomplishments in college and skills, volunteer work, part-time work, and any interests you have.

Companies are always on the lookout for new talent at colleges and LinkedIn is fast becoming the choice to use when searching- your aim now is to make yourself discoverable. And remember, follow Yooni on LinkedIn while you’re at it!

Travelling the world

Yooni’s co-founders, Nathan and Darragh, will second this one! Whether it’s a gap year, a few months in summer or a short break away, many students use this time to travel and explore new countries, places and cultures. This always adds value to your CV, as it shows you’ve a wide range of interests. Not only that, but you can tie this up to other areas we have mentioned as you take in the sights of the world.

For example:

· Volunteer abroad with a charity
· Go on a working holiday (e.g. a J1) to build up experiences
· Take part in language courses to develop your skills


It’s inevitable that you’re going to get behind the wheel at some stage in your life, so getting your driving licence sorted will make a huge difference later on. Even if it’s just applying and studying for the Theory Test, and getting that all important learner permit, is a step in the right direction. In Ireland for example, learner drivers must complete 12 EDT (essential driver training) lessons.

Booking these when you have free-time is a good idea to ‘motor’ your way through the driving curriculum. Each lesson lasts one hour, so you can continue to finish the programme when you’re back at school, college or studying. Driving also opens up lots of opportunities for you such as commuting to college or applying for work that is further away.

Most importantly…

Remember to find time during your break to rest, recharge and relax. Studying for exams is by no means an easy feat.

It’s important to feel motivated for when your dream college course comes along.

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