1. What does the software do?


Yooni’s Course Recommendation Software does exactly what it says on the tin. It recommends college courses using Artificial Intelligence. Students can use Yooni to discover their best-fit course options, narrow down their CAO preferences and solidify confidence in their decisions.


2. Who is it for?


Anyone who is undertaking the Leaving Certificate (5th & 6th years) and looking to progress to third level education. Potential Mature Students who have their Leaving Certificate completed since 2013 are also eligible to use the software. Needless to say, please email us at hello@yooni.ie if you are a potential mature student and unsure of whether you are eligible.


3. Where can I access the software?


Easy! Click the ‘Find my Yooni Fit’ button on our homepage or go directly to https://app.yooni.ie/.



4. How long does it take?


The whole process takes 15 minutes.



5. How does the software match you to the best fitting course?


The million dollar question! We have taken a different approach with how we generate your personalised course recommendations. These recommendations are determined through the analysis of previously successful college graduates. Specifically we look at their college degree, performance within that degree, and Leaving Certificate subjects. Our software subsequently matches these insights back to you, the Leaving Certificate students of today. Courses are matched uniquely to you in such a way that the courses presented are those you have the highest chance of excelling in academically. Recommendations are based purely on a student’s academics and do not take interests or other factors into account, meaning they are completely unbiased.


6. I don’t get it, can you give me an example?


Let’s say you get recommended CK101 as your top ranked course. This means that our machine learning algorithm has determined that, out of all the UCC courses, this is the one you have the highest chance of excelling in academically because we have identified that your Leaving Certificate subjects and grades match closest with students who have already academically excelled in this course.


7. Is it just making the decision purely on grades?


Yes. Your recommendations are based purely on your academics and do not take interests or other factors into account, meaning they are completely unbiased.


8. How do I interpret the results?


The idea is you take these results and use them to find what courses you are suited to academically, then have a think about your own personal interests and see what courses start lining up for you. It’s also important to remember that just because we calculated that you would excel in your recommended courses, doesn't mean that you couldn’t be well suited to other courses based on interests and skills outside your Leaving Certificate studies.


9. What do I have to input to get the results?


To generate the recommendations we require three main things; 1) your Leaving Certificate subjects, 2) the level and 3) your grade predictions. Because we send your own personalised report to you via email we also ask for your contact information.


10. When I get my results can I find out more about the courses?


Absolutely! We have designed an interactive course discovery page where you can browse through each course, look at their requirements, watch videos and even go straight to the course page on the college website.


11. Is there a way I can download or save the results?


Even better, we email your results directly to you in the form of your own report containing your course recommendations and course details for reference.


12. How much does it cost?


Students and parents can access Yooni’s Course Recommendation Software for a one-time fee of €69.


13. What do I get for €69?


1. Access to Yooni’s Questionnaire.

2. Your personalised course recommendations. 5 from UCC and 5 from CIT.

3. An opportunity to interact with our course discovery page to find out more about the courses, watch videos etc..

4. A personalised report sent straight to you email with all of your results and course details for reference.


Want to see it in action? Watch the video https://youtu.be/cZ-Lt2mItpA


14. What form of payments do you accept?


We accept all forms of payments.


15. What devices can you use the software on?


The current version can only be used on laptop or desktop.


16. Does the software give you matches for colleges all around Ireland?


The current version of our software has the capability of recommending UCC and CIT Level 8 courses. For those looking to go elsewhere, DO NOT FEAR, Yooni Version II will launch in September 2020 and it will be on a nationwide scale, covering many more third level colleges and courses in the country.

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