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CAO - Everything you should know with the looming deadline

The countdown to Leaving Cert results, CAO offers, and accepting your dream course is officially on!

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"Everything you should know with the looming deadline"

The countdown to Leaving Cert results, CAO offers, and accepting your dream course is officially on!

At Yooni, we know just how stressful this time can be. Waiting during this time, checking over your application, there's a lot of pressure. With that in mind, we've pooled together important resources and dates for you to keep in mind to make this time easier. Along with that, we have tips and advice on how to best use this time ahead of the CAO deadline.

Key Dates to Remember:

First things first, make sure to mark important CAO dates on your calendar. The CAO Website has a great calendar which has all the information you need.

Important dates to remember in particular are:

July 1st - The Change of mind facility will close at 17:15.

Mid-August – The current year Leaving Certificate results issued.

August 13th - Round 1 offers available from 14:00 online - also issued by e-mail and SMS text.

August 19th - Round 1 acceptances closing date (15:00).

(Remember: There will be a number of Round offers during the months of August and September. So for example, after Round 1 has closed, Round 2 offers are available on the 26th of August, and so on. Find out when each round starts and ends on the CAO Calendar)

Mid-September - Results of Leaving Certificate appeals released.

Making sense of your grades

Results Day will be busy. One of the first things you will need to do (among all the commotion), is figure out ‘What do my grades actually mean? How many points are they worth?’

Emotions can run high so please remember to double and triple check when adding up your points as many students can make mistakes during all the excitement.

The scoring system is below and handy to keep in mind on the day:

Higher Level Grade Points Ordinary Level Grade Points
H1 100 01 56
H2 88 02 46
H3 77 03 37
H4 66 04 28
H5 56 05 20
H6 46 06 12
H7 37 07 0
H8 0 08 0

The Cao Points Calculatorhas an option for you to enter in all your grades and levels. It will tot up your points for you, but again make sure to double check everything you add in.

What can I do before the CAO Deadline / Results Day?

Use this time wisely to recheck over your application. If there is an error in your application, notify the CAO now – do not wait until August!

The CAO website has a great step-by-step instructions checklistyou should print off and go through, making sure you have everything in order.

Remember, the Change of Mind facility is open for students up until July 1st at 17.15. That gives you a huge amount of time to research your college choices to the fullest, and make the best decision for your own future.

Still unsure what college course is best for you? Do not worry. Remember that Yooni is the only service that can statistically determine what courses best suit you academically, based on your chosen predicted grades.

What if I’m unhappy with my Results?

Firstly, remember that finishing the Leaving Cert, especially under the conditions of this year, is a great achievement in itself. Your work and your achievements should be celebrated.

Unfortunately, some students might be unhappy with the grades they receive. The grades might not match the effort they’ve put in, or they might worry they won’t get enough points for their dream course.

Always remember:

Course points change every year! Some courses go up in points, some will go down. Course points can be very unpredictable and no one will know for certain until August 13th, when Round 1 offers are sent out.

Talk to your guidance counsellor: They are still your teacher and want you to succeed! Your guidance counsellors will be a very important person on Results Day, as they will be at school helping you make sense of it all.

They can help advise you and explain what your options are if unhappy, namely:

  1. Appeals: The Leaving Cert may have changed because of Covid19, but there is still an appeals process you can avail of.
  2. Sit the written exam: Remember you can also sit the written exam of a subject in the near future. No set date has been announced on when these will take place, however.
  3. Repeat: You’ve only just finished the Leaving Cert., the last thing you might want to think about is doing it all again. But repeating can be a great opportunity for students to reflect and refine their skills, and achieve their potential.

Nervous Parents

Behind every nervous student, are even more nervous parents.

It’s only natural for you to want the best for your child. They have worked hard these last few years – it’s normal you will be anxious for their success. No matter what the results are, remind your child there are always options available to them.

The National Parents Council Post Primary hosts a Leaving Certificate Helpline – keep an eye on their website for when it opens and make use of this great service.

Parents might also be wondering what to do after results day – such as when college starts, how your child will manage and how you will be able to afford it.

Yooni has some great tips for parents to study, including advice on how to finance your child's college degree.

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